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Anna is a queer femme Tattoo Artist with 4 years experience tattooing Professionally. She prides herself on providing a comfortable environment for her sessions, conducive to intimate conversations, allowing clients to relax and reflect. Some clients liken their experiences in her tattoo chair to therapy sessions. Anna loves to tattoo her own flash designs and accepts custom projects on a case-by-case basis.

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"an amazing artist who provided interesting conversation, a clean setup, and a really badass tattoo"


- Autumn Mortali in "Sorry, Mom!" | Client | Full article here

"she made me feel very comfortable and constantly checked in on me to see how I was doing with the pain. Because of her diligence and the intimacy of the space, I felt I could open up to her about what I was going through at the time"


- Dyana Posner | Client

"Anna sets the stage for the best tattoo experiences I've had: not only is her work impeccable, but she makes her space so very comfortable."

- Cacie Prins | Client

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